Welcome to my Storybook!

Hello all (or one, or none)!

I’d like to start by thanking you for taking the time to read this first ever blog post (yikes!). My name is Michele and I am currently 28 years old, unemployed, homeless (sorta) and boyfriend-less. I mention those because they are all relatively new changes in my life and they were all things that I previously thought I required to be happy. Apparently not!

I have thought and talked about starting a blog for a long time now (years). It has taken me so long because 1) I am a bit of a perfectionist and 2) I am deathly afraid of showing my true colours and the endless negative possibilities that will ensue. However after months of reading books and blogs, listening to audiobooks and podcasts and countless of hours talking with family, friends, my personal trainer, my life coach, and my therapist (it really does take an army, friends), I told myself f*ck it! I’m doing it.

So here I am, writing on my mom’s balcony in a thong and a bralet (no joke, it’s scorching hot outside right now), typing away on my tablet pretending I have a clue where the hell I am intending to go with this blog. Well I do, sorta.

I aspire to create a blog where I share my thoughts, wisdom (huh?), experiences and the lessons I have learned along the way. All in the hopes that it brings you solace, joy, aha! moments and maybe a new perspective on your own amazing life! So welcome aboard peeps!

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