Unraveling Podcast

My dear friend Reilly and I started this podcast in the summer of 2021 after we both felt we needed an outlet to express ourselves regarding our experiences, our views and our on the topics of ‘mental health’, emotional wellness, trauma and healing. We have been slow to create because we want to respect our individual and combined needs and readiness around sharing. We also want to be mindful of our capacity. Finally, I have moved away from Kenora and am currently traveling which makes creating a little more challenging. We do both hope to continue to create, so check out what we have put out so far and stay tuned for more in the future!

In this episode, Reilly and Michele chat about how they first connected, how their friendship has impacted each of their lives and their hopes and visions for this podcast.
In this episode, Reilly takes on the role of the interviewer and guides us in an exploration of Michèle’s story, including her experience with “mental illness”, the family dynamics that may have contributed to Michèle’s struggles, how her views of “mental illness” and “depression” have changed over time and how blogging with vulnerability has helped her heal. 
Trigger warning: subject matter includes conversation around suicide and family/developmental trauma. Please take care while listening.
In this episode Reilly and Michele dive into nervous system dysregulation, what it means and ways that they’ve learned to care for their nervous systems.