Pain and Pleasure

Exploring why I often chose to go it alone, the benefits of a retreat experience, and my ongoing practice of leaning into pain and pleasure.

The meaning in my head

Exploring the needs blogging used to fulfill, the ways in which I am finding other ways to meet these needs, and where my blogging goes from here.

Privilege and Disability

The process of obtaining disability status, the shame that comes with feeling “othered”, and using my privilege to forge a path towards societal change

My 2-year Kenora Retreat

A reflection on my time in Northwestern Ontario, the importance of cycles and returning to ourselves, over and over again.


As I get closer to the heart of who I am, society would have me believe I am also getting closer to madness. A feminist take on my experiences with “mental illness”, both personally and professionally.

The War on Her

Healing and recovering from hurtful messaging about the worth of our bodies


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